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Software design and development

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Software design and development

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Software design and development is the main direction of the company «Expert-analytic systems». Expasys' software is traditionally characterized by a powerful data analysis engine, which allows its use in areas with a large array of disordered information.

Expasys' developers have experience in development and support of metallurgy, mechanics, thermodynamics, statistical analysis of a large data set, distributed data storage systems and office software.

Order development

The company provides the ability to modify their designs to the specific needs of customers. The company also offers services for the creation of server or client-server software of different difficulty levels that corresponds to the customers' field of activity at its best. 

Development technology

When creating software Expasys' developers use the latest technology.

FrontEnd – modules for CMF Dotnetnuke engine or online store NopCommerce, used technologies and programming languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.NET (MVC 4.0). GUI uses Telerik Kendo UI.5.

BackEnd – programming language C# with Web API technologies, programming language T-SQL.

СУБД – relational, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2/ 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2014 (all versions, including Express); non relational, MongoDB.

Development tools and testing– Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft Test Studio 2013.

Business process

Expasys' software development process is determined on the basis of one of the following methodologies – Expasys Agile 1.1 or Expasys CMMI 1.1.



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